cogscrobbler is a manual scrobbler for analog/offline media.

It works by searching for track listings in online databases.
Discogs is currently supported.

Windows, Linux (Debian-based), Mac OS.

The project is closed

I thought I had the energy for a clean rewrite, but obviously I didn't. It is unlikely that I will find it ever again.
It is time to publicly acknowledge that. I'm sorry.
May we all learn something from the experience.

The source code is on Bitbucket if anyone else wants to have a go.
Generate your own API keys for and Discogs. The build errors will make it obvious where to put them.

These are the last released binaries for 0.4.0.
Linux (Debian), 64-bit
OS X, 64-bit
Windows, 64-bit

Thank you for joining me for the ride, it was fun while it lasted.
Thank you, everyone who contributed their work.

Valeri Sokolov, Oct 6, 2019