cogscrobbler 0.3.0 is out

This was going to be mostly a UI update, but then Discogs announced that they were phasing out API v1 (the one cogscrobbler has been using until now) within a month, so I had to hurry up and write an API v2 engine.

After January 15, 2012 Discogs searches will cease to work in older versions of cogscrobbler. All users are advised to upgrade to 0.3.0 before that.

With that out, here's the list of yummy good stuff.

Timed scrobbles

You can now select the time your scrobbles are recorded. Remember to change the time first if you need to: scrobble actions take effect as soon as you select an item from the list.

When you place a future scrobble, it will be recorded when its time is due. If you leave the program running, you will see them removed from the queue one by one as time elapses; otherwise they will be processed the next time you run the scrobbler.

Mass track selection

Click the "Scrobble?" table header to select/deselect all tracks at once.

Scrobble queue

There is now a list of all pending scrobbles. Here you can see future scrobbles and ones that could not be recorded for some reason. API v2

cogscrobbler now uses the new API; the only change visible to you is the way authentication is done. You no longer need to store your credentials locally; instead, you go through the browser-based process. Click "Begin", and a page will open in the browser asking for your permission. After you confirm it, click "Complete".

Discogs API v2

The new Discogs API is significantly different from the one used until now. Some of its features are not fully supported yet, as it was more important to get the new engine running as quickly as possible before the old API shuts down. These will be ironed out eventually.

Current limitations

The new "master" releases are not fully processed, showing only the "main" edition of an album. If you need to scrobble a specific edition, you will have to go through the release ID search.

Compilations and track artists may not be parsed correctly. If you stumble upon one of such albums, please email me the release ID so I can examine it.

MusicBrainz support is suspended

MusicBrainz have shut down the old API. The engine for the current one will be added in a future release.